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New library, training room opened at law courts

Joanna Demarco Friday, 4 August 2017, 11:03 Last update: about 5 years ago

A new library and training room in the Maltese courts was inaugurated this morning by Minister for Justice Owen Bonnici.

The assigning of these new rooms made space for three new court rooms as the former were shifted from their old state to be refurbished and made anew in different rooms. The aim of creating more court rooms is to reduce delays of cases. 

The refurbishment alone cost €140 000, which Minister Bonnici described as "a value for money", adding that four years ago the books were in a store room. The library includes theses of law students since 2005.


Speaking to the press, Bonnici announced that new online court services have also improved their features of late. Amongst others, the website will now allow members of the public in court cases to view details of a case they are part of, in a new personalized section called "my cases". The personal page will also include scans of notes from the case. The Minister added that it was also help lawyers with "checks and balances". 

Another feature will send SMS reminders to individuals regarding civil court hearings which they are registered for, as well as SMS notifications if the hearing is postponed.  

Chief Justice Silvio Camilleri, also present at the event, said that things such as training rooms and libraries will help improve the quality of the justice system, saying that "training is a duty." He said that the public will also benefit from these services as at the end of the day, "the judiciary serves the public."

Both Bonnici and Camilleri reminded those present of what happens when there is no justice system in a community, making reference to Lord of The Flies.

ALS activist and sufferer Bjorn Formosa was also present at the event, as the hallways leading to the library and training room are decorated in paintings by local artist Mark Mallia, who directs profits made from sales of his paintings towards the cause. 



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