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President says investment in Africa will be of benefit to Europe too

Rebecca Iversen Friday, 15 September 2017, 13:57 Last update: about 3 years ago

Investment in Africa will be of benefit to Europe too, President Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca said on the last day of the Arraiolos conference, which was held in Malta.

"We need to start investing in Africa," she said. Although Europe is happy to pump money into Africa, does one really know where this money is going? What sort of transparency and accountability exists with the funds being given to Africa?


"We need to look at Africa as a continent of opportunity. Europeans colonised Africa and it was and still is a continent of opportunity," the president explained.

"We could make Africa a power house not just for Africa but for Europe too. A powerhouse like that would also help to start combating climate change. We can start creating green jobs for the young people of Africa and, yes, it will take a long time but it would also be a chance to empower the women of Africa too," she argued.

"We need to be popular in our countries but we need to leave a legacy and be bold and courageous," the president said as she argued that refugees from Syria and other places need humanitarian aid. More importantly the EU needs an effective inclusive integration policy; otherwise the ghettos will grow and fester. "I do agree we need to manage our borders and security... but we have been the leaders and promoters of human rights too," her Coleiro Preca said.

One third of migration flows in Europe are unaccompanied children. "Are you comfortable with this? I don't think we should be at all," the president concluded. 


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