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‘Let us not use women for political convenience, look at ideas not gender’ – Adrian Delia

Tuesday, 19 September 2017, 19:49 Last update: about 3 years ago

Newly elected PN leader Adrian Delia warned against using women in politics for votes or political convenience.

Speaking at a political activity at the Granaries in Floriana, Delia spoke on female participation. Delia said that we should not look at the gender of a person, but at the ideas by that individual. “Let’s not use women for political convenience. Those who find the door closed because of their gender, will find the door of the Nationalist Party wide open.”


Adrian Delia said that it is a fact that the Nationalist Party has always managed to create new economic sectors and that the Labour Party has only managed to get the harvest which was grown and safeguarded by the PN.

“The Labour Party has failed to provide certainty for businesses. Those who invest, do so for tomorrow and twenty years’ time. The Nationalist Party has found the fields, planted the seeds and Labour is simply harvesting the fruits.”

Delia was replying to a question by an MZPN representative when asked about the youth representation in politics and the self- employed.

In his introductory remarks, Delia clarified that his new way of doing politics does not mean that he will abandon the principles of the party.

He said the PN always was the agent of change in the party.

“Where there is the need of a leap of faith, there is always doubt. But the PN has always managed to move forward. This is a moment when the party needs to unite. A politics that unites, not divides.”

Tonight’s session took the form of a discussion with the sectional committees of the nationalist party.

He spoke about his position on the waste management committee.

Delia explained that one should ask whether the government will invite the party to attend on other committees. “I never said I refused the invitation by the government. I simply said that we need to understand what the government is asking of us.”

He explained that the government has already taken the decisions, and wants to invite the PN simply as a formality. “Don’t use the Nationalist Party to solve your issues.” He said he spoke with Karol Aquilina regarding the waste management issue.

“What does the government want from the Opposition sitting on this committee? Is it an invitation based on convenience? Because if the government wants consultation, we are open to do so, but don’t use us.”

In the first series of questions, Delia was asked about those individuals who feel they need to leave the party because of his leadership win. Adrian Delia said that the major issues in the party were already identified during the campaign when he had the opportunity to go round the different localities.

He thanked the percentage of voters who decided not to vote for him, who felt that his message did not apply to them. “I am new and I believe that many feel that they cannot trust me with the party they love so much.”

Delia said that the PN is obliged to approach those party members who decided not to vote.

“Last weekend, we did not end a leadership race, but started a new electoral campaign for the upcoming election. Regional committees of the Nationalist Party have a vital role to find the best candidates.”

In his closing remarks, Delia said that those who wish to contribute are free to do so, age and gender does not make a difference. He then commented on the Air Malta situation, saying that the government is willing to break industrial law.


On the situation in Marsa, he said that the physiognomy of the area is very particular with the risk of Ghettoization. He also remarked how the Prime Minister has once again chosen to go abroad on Independence Day. 

Photos by Michael Camilleri

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