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Salary raises for teachers must happen soon - Evarist Bartolo

Rebecca Iversen Monday, 25 September 2017, 13:44 Last update: about 6 years ago

Education Minister Evarist Bartalo said today that salary increases for teachers "must happen soon".

The minister was speaking to The Malta Independent during a visit to students at the Maria Regina middle school in Hamrun on the first day of the new scholastic year.

Minister Bartolo told this newsroom that an increase in salaries would happen soon, jokingly adding that “it will happen in my lifetime for sure." More seriously, the Minister said that discussions are underway to improve teachers' conditions and salaries.

This year the Malta Union of Teachers has been trying to solve its leadership problem, “which was one the biggest challenges in the last few months because we were not able to do negaotations with them till the leader was chosen and confirmed”, the Minister said.

Asked by the media about teacher shortages, the minister agreed it was a challenge. He added that “first thing you have to do is to admit (something is wrong), then do something about it. We need to improve working conditions of teachers and work harder so that this vocation and profession gains the respect it deserves”.

The minister expressed his gratitude to all those who work in the education system. “I am deeply thankful for all those who take care of schools and teachers who do their duty and are exemplary,” he said.

Minister Bartalo also addressed those who claim teachers have it easy due to holidays in the summer or the shorter hours. “It disappoints me. They simply don’t know what they’re talking about. They don’t know how much work is put in, out of the hours at works and how long teachers need to plan over the summer for the rest of the scholastic year”, he added.


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