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Zammit Lewis hails government’s safeguarding of ‘continuity’ during its first 100 days

Friday, 29 September 2017, 10:51 Last update: about 6 years ago

Labour Party MP Edward Zammit Lewis hailed the government hailed the government’s ability to ensure “economic” and “rhythmic continuity” following the June general election and its first 100 days of government.

Zammit Lewis was addressing a press conference alongside PL president Daniel Micallef, who highlighted multiple A+ ratings for Malta by various credit rating agencies and the success of the EU presidency.

“These positive series of results is a confirmation of the government’s vision”, Micallef said.

Zammit Lewis added that:

“In the government’s first 100 days it did a lot. It managed economic and rhythmic continuity. The general election tends to jam our economy, however the unique selling point of this government is to be able to ensure continuity and trust from the private sector”.

He referenced strong progress in infrastructure, education and culture.

He mentioned the Kappara fly-over which is nearing its end.

“This project was completed before the time-frame given, which will mean no overruns for the upcoming budget”.

Zammit Lewis referenced the Marsa fly-over to illustrate how the government is not going to give up on its infrastructural priorities, adding that €100 million is to be spent per year on the sector to help improve as many regions of Malta as possible.

He hailed Barts Medical school, being built as part of the Gozo general hospital, saying that this has breathed new life to the island in a “non-existent sector”.

Onto the issue of good governance, he also hailed the proposed introduction of a parliamentary committee empowered to give advice and scrutinise political appointments by ministers. 

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