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22kg of drugs seized on Malta-Italy sea crossing

Monday, 30 October 2017, 20:01 Last update: about 4 years ago

12,000g of heroin, 6,000g of cocaine, and 2262g of cannabis grass was seized on sea transport between Malta and Sicily in 2017, in three separate cases, Minister for Home Affairs Michael Farrugia revealed when answering a parliamentary question tabled by PL MP Glenn Bedingfield.

The largest find concerned an English national on 17 August, who was found with 12,000g of heroin and 6,000g of cocaine. The individual was charged with the offence.


2016 also yielded significant finds with 4,000g of cannabis resin seized on 15 September. 3 Maltese persons were charged in court.

The previous year, 2015, so no finds on sea transport between the two islands, however, 2014 saw substantial seizures, with 10,000g in cannabis resin and cannabis grass discovered on 1 May 2014, in which three Italian nationals were charged.

The following October in 2014 also saw 4,000g of cannabis grass seized from an Italian national, who was also charged.

The full list of seizures since 2014 are below:


2014: 5,000g Cannabis Resin, 5,000g Cannabis Grass, Italian Nationals, 3 persons, charged


         4,000g Cannabis Grass, Italian National, 1 person, charged


         300g Cannabis Resin, Italian National, 1 person, charged


         640g Cannabis Grass, Nigerian National, 1 person, charged


         1037.6g Cannabis Grass, Ghanaian National, 2 person, charged


          1500g Cannabis Grass, Nigerian, 1 person, charged


          3172g Cocaine, Nigerian, 2 persons, charged


2016: 0.695g Cannabis Grass, Italian, 1 person, charged


          0.695g Cannabis Grass, Libyan, 1 person, charged


         579.6g Cannabis Grass, Nigerian, 1 person, charged


         4,000g Cannabis Grass, Maltese, 3 persons, charged


         0.72g Cannabis Grass, Italian, 1 person, charged


         1 Ecstasy pill, Maltese, 1 person, charged


         250g Cannabis resin, Gambian, 1 person, charged


          2368.8g Khat, Italian, 1 persons, charged


2017: 2250g Cannabis Grass, Italian, 3 persons charged


         12.872g Cannabis Grass, Italian, 1 person charged


          6000g Cocaine, 12000g Heroin, English, 1 person charged.


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