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Nursing aid caught by cleaner assaulting 92-year-old resident sentenced to two years in prison

Julian Bonnici Thursday, 2 November 2017, 16:30 Last update: about 8 years ago

A nursing aid who assaulted a 92-year-old resident at St Vincent De Paule Hospital has been sentenced to two years in prison, after a cleaner at the facility caught him red handed and reported him immediately to her superiors.

The incident took place on 31 July 2015 at 8 am when George Michael Spiteri, 42, from Fgura, attempted to bathe Carmelo Bonello, who refused. The situation escalated until Spiteri struck Bonello in the face and physically restrained his arms.


A cleaner at the hospital, Chantelle Bonello, witnessed the entire incident and immediately informed her superiors, who following an internal inquiry, reported the incident to the police on 1 August 2015.

Spiteri was charged with causing grievous injuries and bringing the life of Bonello in jeopardy, while also failing to carry out his duties as a carer.

The accused denied the claims when appearing before the court, which was presided over by Magistrate Anthony Vella. He said that when he was under interrogation, police officers forced him to admit to offence; however it was clear in the statement that Spiteri said that he had lost his temper, hit the resident, and that the cleaner had seen him.

The cleaner, along with her superiors, also provided their testimony in court.

The court rejected the claims made by Spiteri, and sentenced him to two years in prison.

In his ruling, Magistrate Vella said that the courts can never accept violence on vulnerable individuals, especially when there is a gap in strength and age.


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