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IT services company denies allegations that it breached client confidentiality

Friday, 24 November 2017, 10:54 Last update: about 5 years ago

An IT consultancy company has denied allegations that it breached client confidentiality, as was alleged in an article.

The Times of Malta reported that a local software company has filed a judicial protest against its support and maintenance service provider, relating to a possible breach of confidentiality.

The article states that Qgen.Ltd had developed software knwn as “know-your-client”, and entered into a support and maintenance agreement with Aqubix Ltd. The agreement included strict confidentiality clauses. 


The article alleged that Aqubix underwent a transformation in terms of its business operation, turning into a maintenance company, also handling bespoke spoftware briefs to one that introduced a similar Know Your Client portal. The article read that such a “shift in business could only be effected on the basis of the sensitive and highly confidential information garnered through its working agreement with the software company which originally developed the system.”

Aqubix has released the following statement: “Referencing the article in the Times, Reference is made to an article published on the on Thursday 23rd November, with regards to a judicial protest reportedly filed by QGen against Aqubix. That such a judicial protest has been filed is as much news to Aqubix as it is to anyone else since Aqubix has not been notified of any judicial protest. “

“In any event Aqubix takes this opportunity to categorically deny the allegations contained in the report appearing in the, as being completely unfounded and, at times extraordinary.  “

“Aqubix, formerly known as inFusion Solutions, is an IT Consultancy and software development house whose focus over the last 9 years has been bespoke development of IT software solutions. It launched its first proprietary software solution in 2010. Support and maintenance of third party solutions was never a main pillar of the business at any point in time and does not from part of the company’s future strategy. “

“The Company confirms that over the last 12 months Aqubix built and invested in a software product called KYC Portal. This is the 6th software solution the Company has taken to market. A 7th product was launched earlier this month.  Aqubix’s KYC Portal is a software product (not a service) which focuses on automating compliance. “

“Aqubix place the highest of importance on professional integrity and customer confidentiality and service, and have earned a solid reputation in the market. The Company and its board of directors categorically denies all claims made by QGen as being completely and utterly false and shall be taking all action it deems necessary and appropriate to protect its interests, reputation and integrity, including taking such legal action against QGen for the clear attempt at damaging the company’s business.”


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