The Malta Independent 23 May 2022, Monday

Who is benefiting from sale of Malta's hospitals? – CSN

Tuesday, 20 February 2018, 11:48 Last update: about 5 years ago

Civil Society Network said today that is supports action to stop the privatization and commercialization of Malta's public hospitals. It also expressed its solidarity with patients, medical Unions and health workers. 

Government is transforming public health to real estate at the expense of the common good. It has bound taxpayers and future governments to pay 100 Million Euro and all debts if the hospitals are taken back from Vitals, CSN said in a statement.

This is scandalous and must be challenged, especially when government gave equipment worth millions for just 1 Euro to Vitals and when the company has already received more than 50 million Euro in government funds. Sources quoted by the press indicate that Vitals now has more than 55 million Euro in debts.

Civil Society Network insisted that full transparency is required. The public has the right to know where all this money has gone and why the government is hiding information from the press, parliament and civil society. 


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