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‘Identity Malta is breaking the law’, PN will take Electoral Commission to court - Delia

Rebecca Iversen Sunday, 4 March 2018, 13:31 Last update: about 7 years ago

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia this morning said Identity Malta was “breaking the law” by not providing the Nationalist party (PN) with the requested information on the last general election.

Speaking at political activity at the PN club in San Gwann, Delia announced that if this information is not given to PN in the next coming days, the party would once again take the case to court.


There had been claims in the last general election that certain individuals had been given more than one voting document and that individuals who gained a Maltese passport under the IIP scheme were also provided with voting documents. The Nationalist party had then asked the Electoral Commission and Identity Malta for certain information regarding these claims.

“18 months ago the Nationalist Party had asked the Electoral Commission for information which is our right to have by law,” Delia stated. Delia explained how the PN had written to Identity Malta many times but that the government entity is not providing the party with information and “gives us documents with missing names instead.”

“We will not allow government to continue to break the law. If this information is not given to us in the coming days, we will once more go to the courts to get this information. If this labour government thinks it is going to use our laws to win the next election illegally, the PN will stop this. If they think they can carry on breaking the law, we will fight to take back what is ours,” Delia said.

The Leader of the Opposition stated that if the government is willing to play around with democracy, the Nationalist Party will always be there to stop it and fight until democracy reigns once more.

Adrian Delia also announced that the Nationalist party would be working to ensure that the government returns the service of the Immediate Response Unit for mental health.

Delia said that the unit, which would take people’s calls and send assistance, had been scrapped by the Labour government. “If this government truly listens it should immediately reinstate this service which can start saving lives from today. We will keep demanding this until something happens,” he said.

Delia also discussed the state of the educators in the country, referring to statistics that only 18 per cent of educators are willing to stay teaching if they are offered another job. This clearly showed that educators are not happy, he said.

At University fewer people were being attracted to become the next generation of educators, he said, adding that not much thought was being given into who will teach our children, leaving them less appreciated, less knowledgeable and less able to face the challenges of the future.

The issue of security was also raised by the Opposition Leader, with Delia quoting a recent Eurobarometer that said that the primary concern of the Maltese people was crime.

Delia emphasized on the increase in crime levels such as Floriana, Marsa and St Paul’s Bay.

He said that whilst the government was able to give VGH €50 million he is unable to fund the police corps in the fight against crime. 


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