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Marsa-Qormi intersection flyover structurally safe - Infrastructure Malta

Kevin Schembri Orland Friday, 17 August 2018, 09:10 Last update: about 6 years ago

According to preliminary studies, spalling visible on the Marsa-Qormi intersection bridge columns is not affecting the flyover’s structural stability, Infrastructure Malta told The Malta Independent.

 Back in 2017, alarm was raised over the possible deteriorating condition of the flyover

Images of the flyover’s columns are now again making the rounds on social media and caused concern, especially given the recent tragedy in Genoa. A bridge had collapsed in the Italian port city of Genoa. The Morandi Bridge was severed in its midsection during a heavy downpour Tuesday, killing at least 39 people. Italian prosecutors focused their investigation into possible design flaws or inadequate maintenance of the 1967 bridge.

Photos Alenka Falzon

Following renewed public alarm, this newsroom sent questions to Infrastructure Malta asking whether it could confirm the Marsa-Qormi flyover was safe, for further information as to the situation, and to clarify whether the visual damage is a result of ongoing works. Infrastructure Malta is the new agency which took over the country’s road building and infrastructure.

 “Infrastructure Malta is committed to continue and improve the ongoing processes to monitor and assess the condition of the country’s road network previously implemented by Transport Malta, and to implement the necessary repairs, maintenance and upgrades to ensure that this infrastructure can safely meet the requirements of all road users,” the agency informed this newsroom.

 “The major structural works to consolidate the stability of the Mistra Bridge, between Xemxija and Mellieha, completed earlier this year, form part of this ongoing monitoring and maintenance process. This bridge, which dates back 130 years, had sections of its buttressing walls rebuilt, after they were found to be in danger of collapsing.”

“In another similar project, technical studies launched last year to assess the condition of the Marsa-Qormi intersection near the MaltaPost offices are currently being finalised. Preliminary results confirm that the spalling visible in some of the structure’s columns is not affecting the flyover’s structural stability.

“Based on the final results of the ongoing studies, the agency’s contractors will be continuing the necessary repair and maintenance works within a few weeks,” Infrastructure Malta added.

Infrastructure Malta said it “aims to maintain an unprecedented investment in the sustainable and forward-looking development of the country’s land transport infrastructure to alleviate existing difficulties, provide the necessary capacity for future requirements, reduce accident risks, cut travelling times and introduce more new facilities for current and upcoming alternative modes of transportation.”

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