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EU veteran Peter Agius launches EU MEP campaign

Thursday, 13 September 2018, 15:17 Last update: about 4 years ago

EU veteran Peter Agius will be contesting the upcoming MEP elections with the Nationalist Party.

Peter Agius was the head of the European Parliament Information Office in Malta for a number of years, and left to work as a speechwriter for the European Parliament President Antonio Tajani in 2017. He is currently a Head of Unit in Tajani's Cabinet. He was also in charge of the negotiations in Council and part of the legal service between 2002 and 2012.

In a statement today, he explained the reasons why he decided to contest.

"Eddie Fenech Adami promised a new spring for Malta in the European Union. That promise brought opportunity and prosperity for many Maltese. With membership, we opened horizons for our youth, for our businesses, for our economy. Our islands went through a speedy metamorphoses. MCAST was born, now producing top professionals in their areas. We invested in a specialised oncology centre for the fight against cancer. Our islands got a general facelift from St Angelo to St Elmo to the many squares and churces restored with EU funds."

"That spring must go on. Some sectors have not benefited from the European dream. I think about farmers, fishermen or the people of Gozo. They have not reaped the same benefits from accession. Our small businesses have also had to adapt to many changes and stiff competition, yet with little help from the authorities."

Agius said that in some sectors, "it seems we are EU members in name only, given that our citizens cannot really enjoy their EU rights. We should have blue flag beaches, and yet you have the sea slime in summer. We should have EU standards for pesticides and air quality. We should have EU standards for rule of law and money laundering and so on so forth. 14 years down the line, it seems that the standards we voted for are now only on paper."

Agius said that Malta took the path of confrontation in many regards, "even taking our battles to Europe. I believe in a better version of ourselves. In the 16 years I spent working in EU institutions I learnt a lesson above all others, that no voice is too small if it musters alliances, and that alliances start from your own compatriots.  That promise of a new spring keeps beating in our hearts. The Nationalist Party looks weak today, and yet it harbours all the conviction, the strength and the ability to advance the interests of the people of Malta and Gozo, better than anyone else."

"I can see a road in front of us and we know the way forward. We'll thread this road with competence, not with the petty politics, with our ideas and with constant commitment. To do this we need you on board. I am hence calling upon you to join me, Peter Agius, and my colleagues at the Nationalist Party to lead the way for the next spring."

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