The Malta Independent 21 August 2019, Wednesday

‘Treats for the boys and tricks for the people’ – PN says about the budget

Wednesday, 31 October 2018, 09:17 Last update: about 11 months ago

The PN, in reaction to the Prime Minister's speech regarding the budget yesterday, said that Malta still remained without a plan.

The PN said that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is cut off from the reality families are facing. "Joseph Muscat criticised Opposition Leader Adrian Delia because Delia is the voice of the people, the PN said.


Joseph Muscat confirmed that this budget will not solve the very problems they created through the negative effects of the economy which is growing by population and not production. This economic model, the PN said, is leaving negative effects on rent prices, on property, on traffic, on infrastructure and on the environment among other things.

The PN also mentioned the damage to Malta's reputation regarding companies which were opened in Panama.

Using word play on Muscat's very own statement yesterday, the PN said that this is a budget with "treats for the boys and tricks for the people. Only government, and people appointed in positions of trust are benefitting from the surplus."


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