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Voting open for six songs to represent the Maltese in first EU Songbook

Friday, 23 November 2018, 10:35 Last update: about 7 years ago

From November 23 to December 23 all Maltese people are invited to identify the six Maltese songs to represent Malta in the first EU Songbook. 48 Maltese songs have been nominated in six song categories by Maltese music students and teachers. So far 35,000 people in 19 member states have voted for their respective six songs.

Until December 23 it is up to song loving Maltese people to decide which six songs that should represent them in the first EU Songbook. The Maltese are the 20th people among the 27 populations in EU, who are invited to vote on


The six song categories – decided among 17 music academies from 14 member states – are: “Love songs”, “Nature & Seasons”, “Freedom & Peace”, “Folk songs”, “Songs of faith” and “Children songs”.

Maltese music students and teachers from The School of Performing Arts, University of Malta, and Malta School of Music have nominated the 48 Maltese songs that have made it to the Maltese Song Voting Bill.

EU Songbook editor for EU Songbook editor for Malta, Dr. Albert Pace, The School of Performing Arts, University of Malta, comments on nature and variety of the Maltese songs nominated:

“Some songs, particularly in a small country like Malta, have an almost iconic status for the local population. It is a fascinating idea to have these songs shared with other fellow citizens of the European Union”.

A step from the economic to the cultural

The EU Songbook is an unparalleled democratic pioneer project initiated by a non-profit organization without any political or financial ties to Brussels, a factor that former Danish EU-commissioner Ritt Bjerregaard has applauded: “Receiving economic support from the Commission would have strangled the project!”. The fact that the EU-songbook combines national feeling and European thought has surprisingly united politicians from far left to far right in Denmark. Founder and president, Jeppe Marsling (born 1974), elaborate on the motives behind the initiative:

“We, the 27 populations in EU, all know painfully little about each other! To share national song treasures seems to be a direct way towards getting to know each other better”.

The first edition of the EU Songbook is planned for publication in December 2019: 162 songs printed in both national languages and in singable English translation, side by side.

Soon we will know which six great songs the Maltese people wish to be represented by.

The European Union Songbook


The European Union Songbook Organisation was founded in January 2015 by three Danes and one Italian. On their background information can be found on


The six song categories were decided in a co-operation with 17 music academies – including The School of Performing Arts, University of Malta – and music faculties in 14 EU-member states: 1) Love, 2) Nature & Seasons, 3) Freedom & Peace, 4) Folksongs, 5) songs about faith, 6) Children’s songs.


Maltese music students and teachers The School of Performing Arts, University of Malta, and Malta School of Music have nominated the 48 songs appearing on the Maltese Song Voting Bill.  As EU Songbook Editor for Malta, Dr. Albert Pace, The School of Performing Arts, University of Malta, have edited the final list of songs presented to the Maltese:

Love songs:

  1. Xemx - (The Tramps)
  2. Fejn tħobb il-qalb - (M. Spiteri)
  3. L-ewwel tfajla li ħabbejt - (Malta Bums)
  4. Għajnejk sbieħ - (S. Bartolo)
  5. L-għarusa tal-Mosta – (F. Baldacchinio, 'Il-Budaj')
  6. It-Tieġ tan-Neputija - (T. Camilleri)
  7. Marija l-Maltija - (J. Grech / C. Mifsud)

Nature & Seasons:

  1. L-aħħar bidwi f'wied il-għasel – (P. Abela / A.C. Sant)
  2. Xemx u xita - (The Travellers)
  3. Il-bajja tal-Mellieħa - (S. Bartolo)
  4. Awwissu – (W. Micallef)
  5. Ħafa, paċi u kuluri
  6. Inti Djamant – (The Tramps)
  7. Riviera blue – (S. Bartolo)
  8. Tifla tal-kampanja - (tradizzjonali)

Freedom & Peace:

  1. Paċi u sliem – (D. Azzopardi)
  2. Sinjur ġib il-paċi – (D. Grech / The Tramps)
  3. Innu tat-Tfal Maltin – (D. Azzopardi)
  4. Ħamiema bajda
  5. Kemm hu sabiħ – (New Courey)
  6. Tema'79 – ("Ġensna", P. Abela / R. Mahoney)
  7. Tifħira lil Malta

Folk songs & Traditionals:

  1. Ċeklem ċeklem karozzin – (The Greenfields)
  2. Tal-Pastizzi – (D. Azzopardi)
  3. Il-Festa - (M. R. Mallia & C. Camilleri)
  4. Lanċa ġejja u oħra sejra – (tradizzjonali)
  5. Viva Malta – (F. Portelli)
  6. Fuq il-pont ta’ Wied Rummiena
  7. Il-Maltija – (tradizzjonali)
  8. L-għannej
  9. Taxi Mary - (F. Abela)


  1. Iddeċidejt – (A. Cauchi & T. Cachia)
  2. Fil-Ħlewwa ta' Mejju - (G. Caruana / D.K. Psaila)
  3. Mulej f'idejk – (R. Galea)
  4. Tini Idejk - (D. Azzopardi)
  5. Fis-Santwarju tal-Madonna
  6. L-għasfur tal-bejt
  7. Nadurawk ja ħobż tas-sema – (G. Caruana / D.K. Psaila)
  8. Sidi Ġesu' huwa ħaj

Children’s songs: 

  1. Fonzu l-fenek – (M. Piscopo)
  2. Bumm bumm il-bieb - (tradizzjonali)
  3. Ninni la tibkix iżjed
  4. Dawra Durella - (tradizzjonali)
  5. Mhux jien mama'
  6. Il-merill
  7. Iż-żunżana ddur iddur - (tradizzjonali)
  8. Pizzi pizzi kanna - (tradizzjonali)
  9. Viva l-Karnival


The Song Vote happens on the front page of and is open until December 23rd. The Song Voting Bills exist in 24 languages.


The 162 music scores in 24 languages will be translated into English by qualified translators of verse. The first EU Songbook will have all 162 songs in both national language and in English translation, side by side, and is scheduled for publication in December 2019.

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