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Valletta pedestrian zones updated and extended

Saturday, 1 December 2018, 12:25 Last update: about 7 years ago

A legal notice which updates and extends the Valletta pedestrian zones towards safer roads in our country’s capital city was announced yesterday by transport minister Ian Borg and Valletta 2018 Parliamentary Secretary Deo Debattista.

Minister Borg said this city has been rejuvenated more than ever and is witnessing commerce from morning until night-time, while the city also benefits from being a touristic area, a place of entertainment, and a residential zone. 

“As can clearly be seen in the work we are carrying out around the country, we did not behave like other administrations. We did not plan things on papers to store upon a shelf. We looked at the plans, analysed what was missing and consulted with important stakeholders, including the Valletta Local Council, GRTU, and the business communities. I am pleased to see that we had the same ideas with the aim of improving safety for all those who visit our beautiful city,” said the Minister. 

He explained that one of the most important changes is the inclusion of the 9 Valletta squares as pedestrian zones. This comes together with extensions in some roads, such as Old Theatre Street, and changes in others. He said that as of today, one can see the necessary signs in the relevant roads and zones. 

Borg said that while the Government understands that people must get used to the new signs, it is important to observe regulations as soon as possible as pedestrian safety is important, especially in a commercial and touristic centre such as Valletta. 

He also mentioned the agreement reached with stakeholders on amendments in delivery times and said that while one understands that shops need to receive their products, one must also acknowledge that certain times may present obstacles to safety. Therefore, afternoon delivery times will take place over two days – Monday and Thursday from 2:30pm to 4:30pm – while access during early morning hours will be from 1:00am to 9:30am.  

PS Debattista explained that Valletta has experienced a complete regeneration in the last years. This can be witnessed not only by those who live in our country’s Capital, but also those who visit Valletta for various reasons. He said that the revision on pedestrian zones continues to strengthen this regeneration. The aim is to support Valletta’s continuous growth regarding economy and lifestyle, and therefore pedestrian spaces are being increased for the benefit of residents and visitors, both local and the many tourists who visit this treasure. These pedestrian zones will also benefit the capital’s business community. “With initiatives such as this one, we will be returning spaces to Valletta, to Valletta residents, and to those who visit. This is also helping Valletta to continue receiving the honour of world heritage site as it deserves,” concluded the Parliamentary Secretary.


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