The Malta Independent 23 September 2019, Monday

Romanians admit to stealing over €1,000 worth of designer clothes from Valletta shop

Friday, 28 December 2018, 10:10 Last update: about 10 months ago

Two men have admitted to stealing over €1,000 worth of designer clothes from a shop in St Julian’s just before Christmas.

Mircea-Remus Rostas, 44, and 29-year-old George-Bodan Cristiean, both from Romania and living in St Julian’s were charged with theft aggravated by means, value and time for stealing €1262 worth of clothes from an upmarket store near their homes, after dark.

The men were also charged with receiving stolen goods. Rostas alone was additionally charged with possession of cannabis.

The Romanians were arrested on Christmas day by police investigating the theft which had occurred on 21 December.

Both accused pleaded guilty before Magistrate Gabriella Vella when they were arraigned in court the next day.

The court, having heard the admission of guilt and in view of the fact that this was made at an early stage in proceedings and that the men had opted to pay for the items they had stolen, condemned them to a term of imprisonment of 2 years, suspended for 4 years. It also ordered them to pay €1,262 to the shop owner within 4 months.

Rostas was also fined €465 for cannabis possession, which he will pay in instalments.

Inspector Joseph Xerri prosecuted.

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