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Indepth: PN Secretary General Clyde Puli challenges anti-Delia faction to come forward

INDEPTH online Thursday, 10 January 2019, 14:41 Last update: about 6 years ago

PN Secretary General Clyde Puli challenged anyone who believed Opposition Leader Adrian Delia should be removed to come out of the shadows.

He was being interviewed by Editor-in-chief of The Malta Independent Rachel Attard on Indepth, where the internal turmoil within the PN was discussed at length.

This newsroom today reported that a high ranking PN official is circulating a declaration among PN MPs regarding Opposition Leader Adrian Delia's current situation, and the need for him to step aside. 


The Opposition Leader is facing allegations of domestic violence, leading to arguments that his position as leader is no longer tenable.

It was recently reported that the PN's executive committee will discuss the allegations being made against Delia.Asked what he would do if PN MPs went to him with a declaration of no confidence in Delia, Puli said he would tell them to take it to the PN paid members, "and try to remove him."

That is the structure," he said while implying he does not have the power to remove. He said rumours making the rounds that Delia had given him his resignation and that he (Puli) refused to accept it as a complete lie. "Do you think the Secretary General would be able to refuse a leader's resignation?"

"Delia till today is saying that allegations being made against him are fabrications. That he has a personal situation and that there is an attempt at character assassination. I know of no CEO who would resign due to a marriage separation. Delia is functioning well and is working." 

Asked about the  5am message  on a Whatsapp group sent to the Party Administrative  Committee, which had stirred controversy earlier this week, Puli said that it just shows the long hours which Delia puts in. "We are working double hours. Yes that is what we are doing as we have the party's interest at heart."

"If someone does not want him, then they have every right to push forward a motion of no confidence in him. But don't play games. "

In a later part of the interview, Puli said: "Everyone speaks of MPs who want to remove Delia, and none of them come out in the open. I think it is doing them a disservice. So do we have MPs without a backbone? We have good courageous MPs. If they were truly to do it they would come out. I am speaking clearly with you, telling you that right now I am thinking like this, but if those allegations are proven to be true then I would say Delia's place is no longer there." 

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