The Malta Independent 5 August 2020, Wednesday

Delia situation will likely be discussed in next PN administrative committee meeting

Kevin Schembri Orland Friday, 11 January 2019, 15:00 Last update: about 3 years ago

Sources high up within the Nationalist Party said that the political situation at the time is always on the agenda of the party’s administrative committee, thus indicating that the position of PN Leader Adrian Delia will be discussed.

The Opposition Leader is facing allegations of domestic violence, leading to arguments that his position as leader is no longer tenable. Delia, however, remains adamant that he will not be stepping aside.


Contacted by this newsroom, PN MP and President of the Administrative Committee David Stellini told The Malta Independent that the committee is working on organising their next meeting. The meeting could be held as early as today, but if not he is hopeful that it will be held next week. Asked about the meeting’s agenda, he refused to comment.

It was recently reported that the PN's executive committee, which is different from the administrative committee, will discuss the allegations being made against Delia. Sources explained that the Executive Committee holds meetings monthly, and that such meetings usually occur after the monthly administrative committee meeting. The sources said that Delia, who is always present at these meetings, has not tried to stop or hinder any discussion of topics in the committee in the past.

The Malta Independent this week reported that a high ranking PN official is circulating a declaration among PN MPs regarding Opposition Leader Adrian Delia’s current situation, and the need for him to step aside. This newsroom also reported that some officials tried to use a party for PN paid members held yesterday as a show of strength in support of Delia.

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