The Malta Independent 23 February 2020, Sunday

PM suggests Malta as European base for Indian companies in the UK

Friday, 18 January 2019, 12:13 Last update: about 2 years ago

There are many Indian companies currently in London who are surveying Malta as a European base of operations due to its identical values and Commonwealth base that bring Malta and India together, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said in an address at the Vibrant Gurajant Summit 2019.

Speaking in Gujarat, the Prime Minister spoke of the work Malta has done in being the first country in the world which enacted legislation for blockchain, while insisting that more work is being done for other technologies like Artificial Intelligence.

He encouraged Malta and India to collaborate in these sectors due to the existing opportunities.

Muscat mentioned the economic work Malta has done which put it at the very front of European Union (EU) nations in terms of economic gains and employment, also noting the diversification of the Maltese economy such as the maritime and aviation sectors.

He also brought up Indian companies operating from Malta such as Aurobindo and Steamcast.

Ending his speech, the Prime Minister remarked how Gurajat and Malta can be compared as the work done in both instances left an affect both on the economic numbers, but also on families and workers.

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