The Malta Independent 17 August 2019, Saturday

‘The status of the country’s educators is stagnant or, worse still, degrading’ - Adrian Delia

Monday, 11 February 2019, 18:16 Last update: about 6 months ago

“Something is wrong if a country is moving forward while the status of its educators is stagnant or worse still, degrading,” Nationalist Party Leader Adrian Delia during a meeting with the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT).

Delia said that Maltese educators deserve respect and support when carrying out their duties. Such educators are at the centre of actually providing the means of trade and skills for people to move forward and build a successful life.


The meeting touched upon a number of issues, from the security in schools, the lack of planning and how this is affecting the education sector and the need for better recognition of the educator’s role in society.

The meeting also discussed the significant population growth as a result of the Government’s policy to grow the economy, and the lack of planning has had a negative impact on a number of schools which are experiencing a number of problems because of the lack of planning.

According to a recent study, nine out of ten teachers witnessed some form of aggression.

Out of ten state colleges, five have yet to appoint a Perfect of Discipline.

“The Nationalist Party fully supports the MUT proposals for improving safety and security in schools,” said Delia.

He also focused on the issues that are impacting negatively on motivation amongst educators and on the fact that fewer students are interested in following a career in teaching. He said that educators deserve full respect and support. 

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