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MEP Marlene Mizzi leads workshop on importance of sustainable energy for economic growth

Monday, 4 March 2019, 13:19 Last update: about 8 months ago

MEP Marlene Mizzi has represented the European Parliament at the 17th Regional Meeting of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly held in the Republic of Suriname.

Marlene Mizzi presented a paper and led an important debate on sustainable energy and its importance for economic growth and employment opportunities. 

Members of Parliament from ACP (Africa, Caribbean, Pacific) countries and Member of the European Parliament discussed the way forward and the need of investment so that sustainable energy is available to all and particularly to vulnerable countries as in the ACP regions.

“It is appalling how in 21st century hundreds of millions of people in developing countries, especially in remote areas, still do not have access to electricity! We need to provide reliable, clean, affordable and sustainable sources of energy for people in developing countries,” said MEP Marlene Mizzi.

In her statement, Marlene Mizzi said that renewable energy sources have become a pillar of low-carbon economic growth for governments all over the world. “Renewable energy offers possibilities to satisfy initial, basic and sustained demand, and is essential for making energy - reliable and cost-effective for the ACP countries.” 

Despite their significant potential, ACP countries still face a big gap in sustainable renewable energy sources and policy strategies. MEP Mizzi provided a set of recommendations to help improve access to renewable energy sources in ACP countries, boost economic growth and generate millions of jobs. This might also be part of the solution to economic migration, because job creation means a decent future to those who would not need to leave their countries and risk their lives crossing dangerous routes, as is the Mediterranean, in search for a decent and dignified future.

“We need increase access to sustainable energy sources, especially for vulnerable populations, and to electricity and innovative energy services. We also need to maintain and increase existing financing for local investment to assist countries with a smoother energy transition towards sustainable energy sources. 

“Providing sustainable energy for all must be a top priority in our international development goals. No one must be left behind and every human being deserves a fairer life, a life of dignified standards, a life which can offer all citizens, especially young people and families, a promising future,” concluded MEP Marlene Mizzi.

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