The Malta Independent 25 August 2019, Sunday

Thinking outside the box with tourism - PD

Saturday, 16 March 2019, 16:28 Last update: about 6 months ago

A recent clampdown on unregistered AirBnB-style operators has led to the registration of 1500 people, the Partit Demokratiku has said.

"This non-collective accommodation, which is continually increasing in popularity, is competition for traditional hotel operators. In light of the pressure on our environment and infrastructure, exacerbated by the constant construction of a multitude of new hotels across the island, Partit Demokratiku is of the opinion that Malta needs to recognise the value and importance of non-collective accommodation, which would distribute tourists while providing a less packaged and artificial tourist experience."


"Because Malta urgently needs to protect its heritage and environment, making use of vacant bedrooms across the country for tourism purposes would help to alleviate rapidly climbing carrying capacity problems and pressures. Instead of dumping tourists in giant hotels which one can find in every other country in the world, we should be encouraging restoration efforts to attract quality over quantity, while making it easier for home-owners to make spare bedrooms and facilities available for tourists."

"We can incentivize operators and owners of non-collective accommodation to register. Instead of pursuing an tourism policy which depends on construction, we can promote our tourism industry in other ways which will protect Malta's product and brand. Tourists come to Malta to enjoy its history, heritage, culture and aspects which make it unique. They do not only come for the sun. We have to be careful moving forward that we do not destroy what attracts the ideal tourist to Malta." states MEP candidate Martin Cauchi Inglott.

Partit Demokratiku believes in creative, innovative solutions to Malta's problems, it said, "and sees the rising interest in non-collective accommodation as a unique opportunity to address the complex issues which are affecting our quality of life."

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