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Over 15 police reports on burglaries in Rabat in the last month

Giulia Magri Thursday, 11 April 2019, 09:20 Last update: about 4 years ago

The spate of burglaries in Rabat has continued, with a Rabat giving The Malta Independent details of how their apartment was broken into. The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, told this newsroom that the apartment was broken into two weeks ago and that the burglars “stole and left the apartment very neatly. They found what they wanted and left.”

The victim told the newsroom that in the last month over 15 burglaly reports have been filed at the Rabat police station and that the suspects


“One is thin whilst the other is well built, and they carry small backpacks.” The victim said that the police had informed them that the robbers are foreigners who strategise their burglaries, starting from the top floor of an apartment and move their way down. “The police have a face and a name of one of the men, but due to investigations they cannot publish this information.”  The victim said that the Rabat Police are doing the best they can to monitor the area properly.

Contacted by The Malta Independent, Rabat Local Councillor Ian Vassallo Hagi said that currently there is not enough information on who has conducted the robberies.

He said that the residents of Nigret, on the limits of Rabat, have mainly reported cases of theft or break-ins.

“We have had a Local Council meeting where I placed a motion to increase police patrols around Rabat, especially the mentioned areas. We also wish to change the bulbs in the area to increase lighting, as some light bulbs were faulty.”

He said that the Council is waiting for a date for a meeting with the Rabat Police.

The locality of Rabat has sparked national news as a number of residences have reported numerous cases of theft throughout the past few weeks

According to Net News, several residents of Nigret area have reported robberies, and that there has also been warning reports about a suspicious vehicle being parked for a long period of time next to apartments. A video has emerged of a man attempting to break into an apartment. In the footage it there is a sign visible warning that the apartment has installed CCTV cameras. The thief must have known about this as it is shown that the individual is wearing a black hoodie covering their face whilst he tries to attempt to open the door. Currently there is no information regarding who the individual is. Net News has reported that there have been at least 13 cases of theft in the past three weeks.

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