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Updated: PN MEPs voted in favour of tax harmonisation - Alfred Sant

Tuesday, 7 May 2019, 10:05 Last update: about 2 years ago

The PN MEPs at the European Parliament voted in favour of a resolution on taxation in EU member states which states that EU taxation policies should not be unanimously agreed between EU member states, Labour MEP Alfred Sant said.

This paves the way for tax harmonisation in the EU which goes against the interests of Malta, Sant on the TV Programme REALTÀ when revealing that David Casa, Roberta Metsola and Francis Zammit Dimech had voted in favour on the final vote on this resolution during the TAXE Committee on 13 December 2017.


“It’s a fact that the European Socialists and a substantial number of PPE MEPs agree on tax harmonisation. But the PN MEPs gave their consent to tax harmonisation when voting on this particular resolution. There were three, four PPE MEPS including the Cypriot Lefteris Christoforu that voted against and Brian Hayes, former Irish foreign Minister abstained. The Maltese Labour Delegation including myself, Miriam Dalli and Marlene Mizzi voted against.  Frankly this political hypocrisy annoys me. The PN cant say the European Socialists favour tax harmonisation and while its MEPs vote in its favour. The Labour MEPs stood strong on this point and said ‘No’.”

Alfred Sant said that the PN MEPs were active participants in the process that has tarnished the European Parliament self proclaimed attachment to the rule of law. Investigations on rule of law are important to safeguard the principles and values of the EU, but each investigation must be objective and non-partisan.

Alfred Sant said FransTimmermans, EU Vice President, immediately realised this was a political game on various EU states, a game in which the PN was actively involved. 

“When the European Parliament delegation visited Malta to investigate the rule of law, Roberta Metsola, coordinated this visit on behalf of the EPP. The PN knew where the investigations were heading. The Maltese people do not deserve these double games, double games designed to give political mileage to the PN while undermining Malta’s interests. On the other PN MEP David Casa works underhandedly with those investigating matters related to Malta. This is not acceptable," Sant said.

In reply, PN MEP David Casa said Sant is not correct to say that PM MEPs voted in favour of tax harmonisation.

Sant is trying to make people forget his incompetence and that of his colleagues.

A vote for Labour candidates is a vote for Malta to lose its right to decide for itself what tax systems it wants to implement, Casa said.


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