The Malta Independent 8 December 2019, Sunday

Europe must defend people in need of social protection, Alfred Sant tells GWU officials

Wednesday, 15 May 2019, 07:52 Last update: about 8 months ago

Europe must protect workers, young people, those employed under precarious conditions, pensioners, those most vulnerable in life and those in need of social protection. This is the Social Europe we must build during the next five years, former Prime Minister and European elections candidate Alfred Sant told GWU General Secretary Josef Bugeja and GWU sections’ Secretaries.

Alfred Sant said millions of workers across the continent are disillusioned with the EU because they feel that the policies of the European institutions have stripped  them of their social rights and their personal dignity. The austerity measures launched by right leaning politicians in 2008 focused more on defending the interests of the big corporations, ignoring the social needs of the workers.

Millions of workers in Europe are still trying to cope with high costs of living. The fundamental problem remains that nothwithstanding that economic progress has been registered in the eurozone, inequalities and social injustices still persist.

“The burdens of the austerity measures are being shouldered by those who need social protection.”

Alfred Sant said that in the forthcoming European elections, Malta should embrace the call of the European Socialists for equality and social justice across Europe.

The former Labour Leader promised that he will strive, both in Malta and in Europe, to defend the interests of Maltese workers, self-employed, pensioners and families with low and medium revenue. Under a Labour Government Malta has made unprecedented economic and social progress. We must ensure that this progress is distributed among those who need it most, Sant said.

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