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Residents still waiting for contractors regarding final decision on Guardamangia apartments

Giulia Magri Sunday, 19 May 2019, 10:00 Last update: about 2 years ago

Just a week away from the MEP elections, Malta’s daily life has been flooded with unveiling of numerous political billboards to who said what at the party rallies. As all the attention shines on to the never ending finger pointing from one politician to another, many have forgotten an extremely shocking incident that happened only a few weeks ago. The collapsing of an apartment block located on Guardamanga Hill, leaving seven residents homeless, made headlines back in April. The Malta Independent journalists spent the day after the incident on site to see first-hand what had happened and social media was flooded with comments left, right and centre regarding the destructive affect the construction industry is having on the island.


Today when one visits the street were just a few weeks ago was covered in rubble and debris is now cleared up and only the walls of the flat now remain. One also notes that the Driving theory testing centre, which used to be right underneath the apartments, can now be found just opposite the fallen apartment.  On the day Malta Independent went to the site earlier this week, there were no contractors or workers on site. 

The Malta Independent on Sunday contacted a spokesperson of the Housing Authority to see what the current situation is of these residents. “We (as an Authority) had spent the day after the incident with the residents to make sure that they have alternative accommodation; which the contractor provided all of them with such accommodation.” The Authority has also covered any financial costs the residents faced whilst purchasing essential items they lost. “We paid the basic necessities of these people and we have kept in touch with them to make sure that they are okay and whether they need any assistance.” The spokesperson informed the newsroom that the Authority has no control over what will happen to the property since it is privately owned and that is something which the residents themselves must discuss with the contractors.

The son of a couple who lived in the Guardamanga apartments also spoke up regarding the aftermath of the incident. “After the shock wore off, they are well now and are just waiting to see what is going to happen.” He said that the architects and contractors are still undergoing meetings and have not decided to see whether they will demolish the building or what exactly will happen. “Luckily no one was injured and I hope that this does not happen again.”

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