The Malta Independent 20 August 2019, Tuesday

Maltese society must show it wants a better Malta, a better Europe - Alfred Sant

Monday, 20 May 2019, 07:57 Last update: about 4 months ago

The Maltese and Gozitan electorate must send a clear message at the forthcoming European elections that our country is guided by the values of sovreignty, solidarity, social justice and equality, a society that ensures that no one is left behind, said former Prime Minister Alfred Sant when addressing hundreds of sympathisers at Monteskristo Estate.

It must show that it is a society that cares, that is committed to make a better Malta, a better Europe.


Alfred Sant said society must care for the workers, self-employed, pensioners struggling with rising costs of living and housing rents, those at the bottom of society in Malta and in Europe.

“Who can guarantee these values in Malta? Adrian Delia or Joseph Muscat? The PN or Partit Laburista? Who has the zeal and energy to rebuild what was wrong and to further improve what is already good?”

The Maltese and Gozitans must reaffirm their commitment that it wants a society that protects workers, farmers, fishermen, self-employed, those who depend on social protection.

Alfred Sant said that the elected Labour MEPs will be the protagonists within the S&D to rebuild a social Europe.

“This is the vison of the Labour Party, a vision that makes us proud that we care for those who need social help, not only in Malta but also in Europe. If I receive the support of the Maltese electorate, I promise my commitment to give all my energy to create a social Europe.”

Alfred Sant emphasised the importance that Maltese and Gozitan citizens vote for all the Labour candidates in the European elections.

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