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A vote for Labour is a vote for the under-privileged - Alfred Sant

Wednesday, 22 May 2019, 13:01 Last update: about 9 months ago

Voting for the Labour Party candidates in next Saturday’s elections will be a vote in favour of the under-privileged, in favour of values in which we believe as Labour supporters, as people who believe in the future of the working class, of working people, of the elderly and pensioners, of the young people, of the small self-employed, Alfred Sant said at Ta’ Giorni.


“Our values are those of mercy for humanity. We are people who respect the dignity and life of each and every one of us. This is a core value which the Labour Party, since its beginning, promoted in Malta. The party defended and protected this value, and always sought to advocate it amongst others both in the Maltese society as among European citizens.”

Alfred Sant said that another important value is the need for greater social justice.

It is not only important to improve the economy, as is being done, but furthermore to ensure that what is being created is distributed in accordance with the principles of social justice for everyone according to their needs and certainly not according to whom one know or how strong one is.”

In Europe, the European economy is recovering, though not with the same verve as in Malta.

“However, what are many Europeans workers discovering? They have discovered that, while profits increased, and companies improved, precariousness was amplified, unemployment among young people remains strong, the elderly and pensioners are still not keeping and maintaining the vigor of their livelihood.”

This leads to another value: social justice — to have a social Europe, a Malta which is increasingly social.

“We need to think in the underprivileged. We are there first and foremost to care for the small citizen. Let companies and entrepreneurs make their profits, ... however, then wealth must be distributed in such a way that the small citizen is backed by government, that the party watches over and defends the interests of the small citizens. That is something we need to keep upholding.”

Sant said that the Nationalist Party tried to create division on abortion and cancer, issues on which there is no division at all.

“I never expected the Nationalist Party to take political mileage over cancer. This concerns me closely because I had cancer and went through that problem. I never imagined that something that does not create division between us is placed upon placards everywhere as something that called for political mileage.”

Sant said that the elections are won when good people are at the helm. They are won not only when big successes are registered in the economic sphere but above all when the values for the protection and defense of those who need them the most are promoted.

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