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Delia apologises for past PN mistakes, says party working to regain respect

Rebekah Cilia Thursday, 23 May 2019, 19:57 Last update: about 2 years ago

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia on Thursday apologised to those who the PN might have hurt in the past, saying that the PN wants to build itself into a party that deserves respect.

"We will work for this everyday," he told a crowd that had gathered in Pieta' for the PN's last mass rally of the electoral campaign.

When the PN was in government it worked hard and changed the face of the country, creating sector after sector, Delia said. "But maybe we forgot the people," he noted, also mentioning that the economic crisis at the time.


Again he echoed his statement of the past few days, saying that he is proud of all his predecessors and that they all worked for the good of the country. "We are not a party that will take from the state but one that will do everything for the good of the country."

Delia said that the PN does not want to just take funds and investments from the EU but wants the MEPs to make a change in the EU and not let the EU command Malta.

He spoke about youths saying that the PN could learn from them. Delia also encouraged them to be part of the PN, saying they could change the party and the party will in turn invest in them.

Saying that the PN is a Christian Democratic party, Delia noted that the PN will defend values and morals and "we will not shy away from who we are," adding that "in life if you loose morals there is nothing left." He accused the government of creating a soulless state.

Delia said that the PN will fight for the truth and will not buy vote, persuade or dictate.

The socialist party is a one-person party, Delia noted, saying that the PL has the majority in numbers and finances but the party revolves around Muscat. "Not everyone knows everything, not one party knows everything."

In contrast, Delia noted that the PN does not want the people to be with him and the candidates but the party wants to be with the people. "Politics is not about one person."

Muscat, on the other hand wants the people to be with him, but is soon leaving, Delia said. Muscat is leaving the country with a lot of problems because he has no long term plan.

Mentioning recent damning reports, Delia made an analogy with a student that did not pass an exam. "Instead if saying he will study more, he blames the school and the teachers."

Muscat also said that the Council of Europe is not a serious institution, Delia noted but that no insinuation was serious for Muscat unless it was snatched by him, like the police, the courts, the army and the MFSA.

"This country is not normal," Delia said and now this being confirmed by the Council of Europe.

Mentioning the death of the migrant in the drive-by shooting, Delia said that Muscat does not want to take political responsibility although it was he would made the political decisions in the army. He said it was up to the court to decide on criminal justice but the opposition has the obligation to scrutiny policy decisions.

"Muscat is going to teach us about rule of law after he brought us in the worst position in terms of corruption," Delis said, adding that every party and government makes mistakes.

Speaking about the manifesto proposals, Delia mentioned the healthcare system which he said this government abused and gave to an unknown company, referring to Vitals.

He said that he went to court to challenge the government on this and to "take our healthcare back."

Delia accused the socialist government of creating classes, even amongst foreigners and Malta. He called the government racist and classist and that the work for their own success and not for the people

Speaking about the environment, Muscat had no defence, Delia noted. "Never have we lost so much land and had so much pollution." The government has no solution and the problem will keep on growing because the economic model is that based on of growth by population. Delia said that Muscat did not want to debate on this.

Delia said that Muscat will keep on pressing the panic button or he will leave and leave his successor to continue pressing it.

Speaking about Gozo, he said that PL barely mentioned the island in its proposals, except for a small paragraph. Delia said the PN spoke about the fast ferry but the PL instead gave the Gozitians an old ship.

Mentioning the link with the Socialist Party in the EU, Delia said the government had signed an agreement which included a proposal which would mean that the Malta will loose control of its taxes.

Mentioning the controversial topic of abortion, Delia said Muscat is fooling the people that he is against abortion since the Socialists are in favour of abortion.

"We do not have the choice to change the government but we have the democratic tools to vote. You have the obligation to use this tools to take away the arrogance of the government and change the attitude."

General Secretary, Clyde Puli opened the rally with the first speech focused on the central themes included in the PN manifesto.

He said that the electoral campaign was "modest" but filled to the brim with proposals. He spoke about the right to life, building a better economy based on added value and the quality of work.

Puli also said that the PN made a solemn promise to fight cancer with all the resources the EU has to offer.

Mentioning the local councils, he noted that the PN had put forward 200 proposals for every locality in Malta.

He contradicted Muscat on his previous statement, saying it was not a fight between Delia and Muscat but between European Commission presidential candidate, Frans Timmermans and Leader of the People's Party, Manfred Weber.

Puli noted that the Socialist Party and Frans Timmermans were in favour of abortion and their manifesto clearly stated that they wanted to introduce abortion for everyone in Europe.

The fact that they are contesting this fact "means nothing since they did not even manage to convince their friends, how are they going to convince the Socialists and Timmermans?" Puli asked.

He said that the PL has no actual proposal that was related to the EU but instead put forward a campaign that was divisive and negative.

He referred sarcastically to the heart slogans and the billboards showing Muscat smiling, adding that Muscat is escaping. "He escaped from Xarabank and will escape to the EU."

Puli said that the PN started off in unfortunate situations, claiming they it is the actual underdog. To a cheering crowd, however, Puli said that the PN is the party that loves Malta and encouraged people to vote on Saturday.


Photos: Alenka Falzon

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