The Malta Independent 24 August 2019, Saturday

€450,000 in grants given out at Official Development Assistance ceremony

Jeremy Micallef Friday, 24 May 2019, 12:10 Last update: about 4 months ago

A total of €450,000 in grants were given out on Friday, the eve of Africa day, to various NGOs and other entities at the annual Official Development Assistance ceremony by Minister for Foreign Affairs Carmelo Abela.

Speaking at the ceremony, Abela explained that the grants were going out to fund eight different projects that are being, or are to be worked on in Africa.


“This day serves to remind us all of Africa’s achievements.”

The Minister noted how over the past years, steps were taken to open a high commission in Africa, which was the first of its kind in the sub-Saharan region, and he said that it marks our presence in the region and opens doors for cooperation with Africa.

A non-resident ambassador was also appointed.

Whilst recognizing Africa as a continent of great potential, Abela hailed how in 2015 Malta and other members of the United Nations embarked on the collective journey of the 2030 plan for sustainable development, and the grants being awarded today aimed to achieve those targets.

The Minister suggested that whilst the funds will be made available to NGOs, it would be a positive step to partner with the local business community because it will give the local business community the opportunities to open shop in countries where the NGOs in question do various work.

This apart from the various scholarships for the University of Malta which have been offered and sponsored by the ministry in the past years to countries such as Palestine, Ghana, and Nigeria, and sponsoring training for firefighters in Ghana.

“It is our intention to keep financing training opportunities while introducing new ones.”

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