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Updated: MŻPN says situation in PN ‘untenable, represents a new low’

Monday, 3 June 2019, 09:11 Last update: about 4 months ago

The Nationalist Party’s Youth branch has described the current situation in the party as “untenable”, and “represents a new low”.

In a post on Facebook, the MŻPN said that the “we have always stood out from our peers for our unwavering voice, unorthodox approach and the willingness to break ranks with whatever and whoever is labelled as 'The Establishment'. This has been true for many years and remains the case today.


“Let MŻPN be the first Party branch to say what needs to be said. The current situation is untenable, and represents a new low. Enough is enough, and we demand that political responsibility be shouldered - at least out of respect for the thousands of voters and volunteers who gave their time, faith and effort - by those involved in the mess emanating from last Saturday’s vote in the Executive Committee.

“MŻPN shall analyse the current situation during a meeting of its own this week, and a full report and analysis shall be passed on internally.

“We must stand up to be counted - not just when the going is easy, but especially and more importantly, when the going gets tough.”

Over the weekend, the disarray in the party continued to emerge after the resignation of Mark Anthony Sammut from the post of president of the party executive committee. The decision to co-opt Jean Pierre Debono instead of the resigning David Stellini has also opened up a can of worms over the voting procedure.

The PN's Forum for Professionals also criticised the situation, saying that the party could not act like it was business as usual "when it is clearly not the case". 

In their Facebook post, the Forum also called for action against anyone who "may have contributed to alleged fraudulent wrongdoing" in a co-option vote to fill a vacant MP seat. 

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