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‘Business as usual mantra is unacceptable’ – Pierre Portelli

Kevin Schembri Orland Tuesday, 4 June 2019, 17:46 Last update: about 5 months ago

PN local councillor Pierre Portelli, who is known to have been close to PN Leader Adrian Delia during his campaign to become party leader, has said that a 'business as usual' mantra  is 'unacceptable.'

Writing in a Facebook post, Portelli called for an end for the internal politics of hate, division and cliques, and instead for solidarity, fraternity  and brotherhood between all those of goodwill to take over.

Has said that the administration needs to stop saying that "the doors are open for everyone, as the truth is very different."

"We continue losing good people, and instead of a soul searching exercise, there are those who continue using the business as usual mantra. This is unacceptable."

In his post, he issued a set of proposals for the PN. The first, is that no MP should occupy an official post or be employed at the PN Headquarters, or in the party media.

He calls for the setting up of a disciplinary board made up of experts in media monitoring, both in terms of traditional media and online media to give their input and create ethical online guidelines.

He also calls for continuous training programmes for youth candidates and all those who want to start their walk down the road of politics, both at a local level, and European level.

Portelli wants a policy making task force to be setup, with people coming from every sector of society to create policies that affect everyone. "We need outreach programmes to really have ideas for the people."

In addition, Portelli wants the setting up of a creative hub, in which a discussion of original ideas on how the party can be a mosaic of people with different ideas.

He also called for the immediate formation of a campaign team with a campaign manager, who will create the strategy for the next general election. "This did not happen in this campaign."

Portelli argued that the party needs a total rebranding, and wants consultants employed to create a new modus operandi on how to strengthen the party structures at all levels.

Portelli also stressed the need to strengthen the party's information office. He also adds that the head office must have a full-time chief of staff and a functioning customer care branch.

He said that he published this post as he has been proposing these ideas for the past 20 months, yet the party did not listen.



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