The Malta Independent 10 December 2019, Tuesday

Opposition Leader’s Egrant report appeal postponed by a week

Monday, 24 June 2019, 13:09 Last update: about 7 months ago

The appeal filed by Opposition Leader Adrian Delia in an attempt to obtain a full copy of the 1500-page Egrant report, is scheduled to start on July 1. 

The case was due to start on Monday morning, but the Constitutional Court adjourned the hearing to next week. 

Ten days ago, the Constitutional Court, with Chief Justice Joseph Azzopardi, Mr Justices Giannino Caruana Demajo and Noel Cuschieri presiding, had denied a request for the case to be heard with urgency, setting the date of the first hearing to today, Monday 24th June.

 Before that, in May, the First Hall of the Civil Court in its constitutional jurisdiction had turned down Delia’s request, ruling that the refusal to allow the Opposition Leader a copy of the full report did not breach his human rights. 

Delia’s legal challenge to be given a copy of the full report written by Mr. Justice Aaron Bugeja – then a magistrate –  of which only 49 pages have ever been published will now continue next week. 

In separate proceedings, civil society group Repubblika had filed an urgent court application asking the court of Magistrates to order ministers Konrad Mizzi, Edward Scicluna and Chris Cardona to exhibit their copies of the Egrant report which they had quoted from in court proceedings. 

This after the ministers had cited extracts from what appeared to be the Egrant inquiry in their defence against Repubblika’s efforts to get them to face criminal proceedings in connection with a deal privatizing three state hospitals. 

Lawyer Vincent Galea is assisting Delia.

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