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Adrian Delia formally appoints Louis Galea to oversee Nationalist Party reform

Friday, 5 July 2019, 15:14 Last update: about 3 years ago

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia today formally appointed Louis Galea to oversee a reform of the party, the PN said in a statement.

At a PN executive committee meeting on Thursday, Delia proposed that Galea is appointed to lead a reform of the party, a proposal that was unanimously approved.


Galea, a former Speaker of the House of Representatives, minister and PN secretary general, has a vast experience in politics and is seen as the man who can possibly bring more unity in a party that has seen growing division since Delia was appointed leader nearly two years ago.

In his letter to Galea (see below), Delia thanked the former minister for accepting to hold several meetings in the last fortnight, during which the present situation in the PN was discussed at length, together with a view on what needs to be done to unite the different factions and concentrate on the party's mission to be of service to the people.

In these meetings, Delia said he exposed his ideas on what political reform the party needs to undergo and said he asked Galea to considering offering his services for the party to unite and to then draw up, adopt and implement changes.

In his letter, Delia said that the party's executive committee meeting on Thursday had approved the proposal that Galea takes on the role of leading the reform that the party needs.

Delia said Galea needs a platform from which he would be able to carry out his work, and for this reason Delia is proposing to the party administrative committee that Galea is appointed as president of AZAD (Academy for the Development of a Democratic Environment), the PN's political think-tank. AZAD also needs to be reformed, Delia wrote, with the aim of it becoming an effective tool for dialogue.

Delia concluded his letter saying that he would be offering all possible support to Galea in his endeavour.

In his reply, Galea thanked the executive committee for unanimously approving Delia's proposal.

He said that in his meetings with Delia, it was acknowledged that the party is passing through critical times. He said he understood that the party needed to be united to be able to focus on its work, both in Parliament and outside. He said he made it clear that one person is not enough ton bring about the changes needed. What is needed is a genuine goodwill and sacfifice of all those who have the party and the national interests at heart.

Galea said that after careful consideration he was accepting Delia's proposal and that he will do his best in his work to bring about unity within the party.

He said that since he had other pending commitments abroad, he is proposing to meet with the party's sectional committees andbranches so that he will be able to start his work as soon as possible.

Adrian Delia letter to Louis Galea

Louis Galea letter to Adrian Delia

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