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New union for engineers launched

Tuesday, 23 July 2019, 19:41 Last update: about 8 months ago

The Malta Association of Professional Engineers (MAPE) was registered as a Trade Union by the Department of Employment and Industrial Relations on the 4th of July 2019, and is a union mainly intended for Warranted Electrical, Mechanical, and ICT Engineers, the union said in a statement.

The formation of the first National Union of Engineers is a milestone in the history of the Engineering Profession in Malta, a statement by the union read


"Since the enactment in the 90's of the Engineering Profession Act, the Profession has grown both in numbers and diversity of specialisations. Engineers today hold strategic positions in both public and private sectors, contributing directly to the economic development of our country. Notwithstanding, the Engineering Profession is today facing a number of challenges, which require to be addressed with urgency."

Over the past years a number of anomalous circumstance in the market started coming to light with increasing frequency related to the rapid rate of development of the national economy. "The misuse and abuse of the title of Engineer in these circumstances, have made the formation of a national union of Engineers, a matter of necessity to safeguard the profession and also society in general."

"The engagement of manpower both from territories outside the European Union, and also  from European territories as Engineers without the necessary qualifications and more importantly without the requisite Warrant to practice as an Engineer as stipulated by the Engineering profession Act, have created some significant market distortions. These situations that run counter to the stipulations of the Engineering Profession Act  are now having a direct negative effect on Engineers that are duly registered in accordance with the Engineering Profession Act, provided further impetus to the drive to form a Union. "

The MAPE is also following closely the developments that have taken place in the construction sector over the past weeks, and will be seeking meetings with the major stakeholders in this sector to address some serious anomalies relating to Building Services Engineering.

The Malta Association of Professional Engineers aims to "actively partake in the formulation of the new Engineering Profession Act currently being drafted, to ensure that the high standards that have been established, continue to be maintained and further reinforced.  MAPE will make every effort to ensure that every Warrant issued by the Engineering Profession Board meets these requirements so essential to the profession."

MAPE will also strive to reposition the Engineering Profession in industry. "Technological changes are expected over the next decade, that will have a direct impact on local industry.  The demand for Engineers and Technicians having a solid academic background in Engineering disciplines is expecting to increase in the years to come due to the increasing complexity of modern engineering systems.  In particular Engineers with an academic background including a rigorous preparation in Mathematics, is necessary to attract the necessary foreign high- end technological investment to our country, to expand substantially the range and more importantly the specializations of Engineering services that may be offered in Malta."

"Only a highly academically qualified workforce will attract high-end investments including also those related to Research and Development initiatives to our country."

The Malta Association of Professional Engineers will seek membership in the Maltese Federation of Unions -  For.U.M. to take an active participation and  provide a direct contribution to the economic development of our country, particularly in the preparation of an industrial policy for the years ahead.

"Now that MAPE is established, all Warranted and Graduate Engineers are encouraged to join this union, and to take active participation to further strengthen and safeguard the profession. The MAPE will be cooperating together with the Chamber of Engineers and other Engineering Unions to create a common united front at a national level for the furtherance of the Engineering Profession in Malta."

The MAPE leadership is as follows:

Ing. Arthur CIantar - President of the MAPE  

Ing. Sammuel Bonnano - Vice President.

Ing. Reuben Attard - Secretary

Ing. Ramon Tabone  - Treasurer

Dr. Ing. Brian Micallef - Member

Dr. Ing. Jeffrey Micallef - Member.


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