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‘What will you do when PN leader gets green light to proceed,’ Pierre Portelli asks anti-Delia group

Tuesday, 23 July 2019, 18:25 Last update: about 7 months ago

Former PN Media Chief Pierre Portelli has questioned what the anti-Delia protestors within the PN will do, "when Adrian Delia gets the green light to proceed to the next general election."

Portelli was hitting out against those within the PN who are opposing Adrian Delia. Delia has faced a new wave of criticism since the PN's massive defeats in the MEP and Local Council elections. Disagreements within the Party have led a number of councillors to add their signatures to a call for a general council meeting to be convened and to vote on whether or not it has confidence in Delia. The general council will take place on 27 July, and a vote of confidence in Delia will also be called that day.


Portelli seemed to be reacting to posts making the rounds on social media by those who are against Delia, which ask what will happen after Delia loses the vote. These posts state that Louis Galea is already there working on party reforms and will continue to do so; that an acting head can be appointed until an election for a new leader takes place; and that there are enough competent people to contest when such a leadership election is called.

Portelli, commenting on Facebook said: "As they prepare to take over again, so full of themselves are they that they've outlined how we should conduct ourselves in the months to come, lest another one outside the clan gets through. The big question they need to answer fast is what will they do when Adrian Delia gets the green light to proceed to the general election. For this is the only legitimate question they can answer. The rest is totally outside their remit for they have no platform from which to stand and tell the rest of us how we ought to conduct ourselves. It's appalling that while journalists quiz Adrian Delia if he'll step down in case of a no vote yet no media outlet has pinned the detractors to state their immediate future plans in case of a yes vote."

Recently, the Malta Independent interviewed both Adrian Delia, as well as Mark Anthony Sammut on the upcoming vote.

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