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‘Am I a racist by just stating facts?’ – Priest who attended Norman Lowell’s birthday party

Tuesday, 6 August 2019, 10:37 Last update: about 12 months ago

It is only a matter of time before Malta has its own version of Matteo Salvini, according to Fr David Muscat, who was recently criticized for attending Norman Lowell’s birthday party.

During that event, the Mosta priest praised the Imperium Europa leader for “sowing a seed” and highlighted the anti-immigration party’s improvement at the polls. The Church later disassociated itself from the position taken by Fr Muscat.


In an opinion piece published in Times of Malta, Fr Muscat says he was denigrated as a xenophobe after attending the birthday party. 

Explaining that he does not share many of Lowell’s views, “including his esoteric visions, his anti-Judaism,” Muscat says he did not attend the party just to shock and awe.

And what about the big chasm in stipends between the priests who actually work (parish priests and associates) and others with lucrative university jobs who consider themselves to be the defenders of papal teachings?

He argues that the nation has been “possessed” by a lust for money and this is why it needs a “communal exorcism.”

“We have become so obsessed with the gaming and financial services industries that we have closed our eyes to the transformation of our country from a republic based on work to a pirate island in the Mediterranean.”

What Gonzi created is evil to the core and anti-European. Joseph Muscat simply exploited it, he says.

Malta, he says, has created an economic structure that needs droves and droves of foreigners to keep it running.

“With this perspective who is the true racist and enemy of European solidarity and cohesion? Am I racist by just stating facts?”

“But this kind of racism is like pornography ... everybody secretly watches it (almost) but nobody wants to admit it in public. Then comes the addiction.” 

Fr Muscat says this is the reason why the mainstream media denigrates Lowell, but adds that the same media secretly admits that Lowell is appealing to many.

“Despite his oddities our local court jester managed to triple his votes.  Simultaneously, the Archbishop’s seminary and RTK radio are at their historical lows. Even Radju Marija has surpassed RTK.”

“The director of Radio Maria Italia, Fr Livio Fanzaga, said that Salvini won the election because he held the Rosary beads in his hands. The writing is on the wall. It is only a matter of time before a local version of Salvini sprouts.”

Muscat says this is what he meant when he said that the seeds sowed will bear fruit in the near future.

“There are many promising young souls among the 10,000 voters who opted for Imperium Europa warts and all in the last European Parliament election. Thus, I want to guide which plant will grow into a tree in order to keep it on the straight and narrow.”

Muscat also tears into the “pomposity” of the Church in Malta, referring to the titles and designations bestowed onto churches and members of the clergy.

“In Malta, despite the fact that the majority of priests are well over 60, we’re still creating collegiates with their associated paraphernalia and canonries which will only serve to attract to the Church wierdos who promulgate a type of clericalism that in the future will make the problem of sexual abuse much worse.”

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