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Organiser of infamous egg-pelting bachelor party insists he did not break the law

Rebekah Cilia Monday, 19 August 2019, 18:24 Last update: about 13 months ago

One of the organisers of the controversial bachelor party which saw a woman known as L-Amerikana and the groom being pelted with eggs has spoken out and insists “I did not break any law.”

Nigel Attard expressed his views in a lengthy Facebook post noting that he waited a week to speak out because he was abroad with his family.


Attard said he was not the one to take the video and did not share it, however, he had no problem with anyone who spoke out about it because everyone has a right to voice their personal opinions. 

Wanting to clarify the situation, Attard said that he is the best man and a very good friend of the groom. He also confirmed that he does not organise such events against payment although he did note that he has engaged L-Amerikana several times for bachelor parties of his friends.

The woman is contacted before the event, a price is agreed and it has always been made clear that at the end of the party she will be pelted with eggs, Attard said. He also confirmed that she is paid whatever she demands before the event, is offered drinks and food for free, as well as sometimes being given tips and having a taxi paid for her to return home. 

“All this is done with prior agreement and always with her blessing without any coercion or any form of abuse,” Attard said. 

He also noted that the woman is not a stripper and never took off her clothes or was indecent. Her job is to dance, joke and to pick on the groom and the other people, Attard wrote. He also said that this woman is an entertainer and “rest assured that she is paid very well for the entertainment she offers.”

The bachelor party was held in a private property, Attard said, adding that they did not dirty a public place. Furthermore, before they left they cleaned and washed everywhere despite being in a private property.

The eggs were broken, some even expired, and bought purposely, Attard said, since many said that they should have been giving to an institution or charity. 

The video also showed a boy participating in the party, which caused additional outcry, but Attard defended this by saying that the boy is part of the family of the couple getting married. 

“The boy was present in a private party and did not drink alcohol, he did not break any law. The boy had fun and went along with us.”

After the event, L-Amerikana thanked Attard and told him that when they needed her to call her and tell her beforehand, he said.

She also sent him a message during the night saying “thank you for your support” and Attard replied to thank her for patience.

Attard also took to the woman’s defence saying that those who called her crazy or psychology unstable are labelling and insulting as it is not something proven by a psychologist or psychiatrist. He also claimed that his wife and daughter were mentioned in certain comments. 

He said that the story has been blown out of proportion and taken out of context. Attard reiterated that he did not break the law and confirmed that he was contacted, last Tuesday, by a police sergeant who said he did not break any law.

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