The Malta Independent 17 February 2020, Monday

Environmental Landscape Consortium issues collective redundancies for all employees

Tuesday, 8 October 2019, 18:08 Last update: about 5 months ago

The Public-Private Partnership contract between the Environmental Landscapes consortium employees and the government is coming to an end, and employees working as a result of this agreement are going to be lose their jobs.

The ELC has been operating since 2003 to improve the landscaping and general maintenance of public areas and gardens in Malta.

The letter, which was published by Independent candidate Arnold Cassola, reads that the company's attempts to extend the contract did not result in any positive outcome as of yet, the letter read, adding that due to this the company did not have any alternative but to issue collective redundancies to all employees on its books that will come into effect on 1 January 2020.


The members of the Consortium are as follows: Peter Calamatta of Calamatta Landscapes Ltd as Chairman, Charles Polidano of Polidano Group as Vice Chairman, Carlos Calamatta of Calamatta Landscapes Ltd as Director, Wigi Micallef of Green Supplier as Director and Boris Farrugia of Polidano Group as Director and Financial Controller.

Cassola, about the situation, said: "It is indeed a sad and terrible day for Environmental Landscapes consortium employees. They have just received their redundancy letters this afternoon. I am told that more than 100 families will be affected. Unlike for those greedy people who have been given free reign 'biex jithanzru' these last years, for these employees and families, it is certainly not 'L-aqwa zmien'. The Prime Minister did well on Sunday to speak against the greed of those who always want more and more. The redundancies of today should make him reflect on the plight of the workers and their families who are now without a job because of the 'greed' culture which Nationalist governments initiated and which the Joseph Muscat government has encouraged and increased 'full throttle'.

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