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Malta Council for Economic & Social Development's administration reacts to UHM

Tuesday, 8 October 2019, 14:27 Last update: about 5 months ago

The Malta Council for Economic & Social Development (MCESD) has reacted  to a speech made by the CEO of UHM – Voice of the Workers Josef Vella on Monday, where he said that the union had stopped attending MCESD meetings because they have been stopped from putting forward presentations on various matters which they deem to be of importance.

Vella had noted that Minister for EU Affairs and Equality Edward Zammit Lewis has intervened in this matter and will hold a meeting with the union this coming Friday.


Vella said that that the union had wanted to do a presentation to the MCESD for the benefit of a discussion on the increase in fuel prices. While the prices of various commodities such as bread, milk, and fuel have increased, Vella said that these increases have not been discussed and that the MCESD did not give the UHM the opportunity to discuss the subject in their forum.

In a statement reacting to Vella’s words, the MCESD said that it had asked all social partners – like in any other year – to submit their proposals for the upcoming budget, and noted that the UHM was one of those at the forefront in doing this and expressing their concern about the price increase in fuel and other things.

They said that all the proposals put forward by the social partners along with those of civil society and the Gozo Regional Committee had been compiled into one document which was then forwarded to the Ministry for Finance.

“It is therefore expected that the Government comes good and that these increases are reflected in the COLA”, the statement read.

The MCESD also noted that a meeting which discussed the cost of living in Malta based on the latest EU survey was also held on 25 September this year.

Fuel prices rose by between 3c and 5c per litre at the end of last July, while the price of milk also rose by between 10c and 11c a week before.

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