The Malta Independent 9 December 2019, Monday

Partit Demokratiku calls for Royal Opera House to be rebuilt

Saturday, 2 November 2019, 10:59 Last update: about 2 months ago

Partit Demokratiku has suggested that the old opera house in Valletta should be rebuilt to its former splendour.

The debate around the site has raged for decades, with no satisfying resolution ever arising, the PD said. The Renzo Piano project cannot be said to have been a total success, given the government's promise for a public consultation on the site. Therefore, it seems long overdue that the people of Malta should be given what they have wanted all along - for the building to be rebuilt to its former glory.

Partit Demokratiku also approved of the purchase of Villa Gwardamangia, a unique treasure in Malta's patrimony that can do much to elevate quality tourism and guard our collective memory. Nonetheless, for the reconstruction of the Opera House, Partit Demokratiku calls for a tender and a public-private partnership, so that the project would not come at the expense of other areas of the country badly in need of investment, especially with many still living at risk of poverty.

The project as envisioned by Partit Demokratiku would respect architectural principles, and a completely identical reconstruction would be one of the options on the table, without excluding deviations in design in keeping with said principles. The building need not serve as an opera house, but could present multiple uses and functions to the benefit of the general public.

Partit Demokratiku said believes that the Royal Opera House, an iconic and much missed gem in Malta's patrimony, remains one of the great requests of the public long ignored without reason or empathy. The chance should be taken to bring it back to life, albeit in a way which suits the needs of 21st century Malta.


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