The Malta Independent 6 August 2020, Thursday

Delia asks Fearne: Will you remove Mizzi and have him investigated?

Sunday, 8 December 2019, 19:03 Last update: about 9 months ago

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia has urged Chris Fearne to declare if he will remove PL MP Konrad Mizzi and have him investigated.

Delia spoke during a fund raising marathon on NetTV.

Delia said he attended tonight's protest, and spoke about the reported arrest of Keith Schembri. He said that "we are in a country where people need to cheer when a sliver of justice occurs. That is the state of the country, where we celebrate when something that would happen immediately in a normal country takes place."


"This person was the most important person in the country for the past six years, with practically all the power of the Prime Minister in his hands."

This is not a normal country, Delia said, adding that it is now being uncovered that nothing is normal.

"It is not normal for the Prime Minister to be the chief of Police, or worse yet, for Keith Schembri to be."

He said that he had to file a court case to bring back three hospitals to the public, adding that the Attorney General (AG) could have filed that case if he wanted.

"Not only didn't the AG do it, he defended it against me."

"You don't have a government protecting criminals, but is taken up by criminals," Delia said.

"We are hearing about thinks happening that you would not even dream about."

He said that he hopes that every person involved, regardless of what position they had, are caught, and that a complete investigation is conducted which does not look at faces in order to again start on the road to normality.

He said that the PN is ready to protect anyone willing to reveal the truth and speak about it.

Delia said that the Maltese people are not corrupt, but the government is at it is captured by criminality. Delia said that Muscat must leave now, and that would at least give a good signal.

Delia highlighted that Finance Minister Edward Scicluna is under Magisterial criminal inquiry. He spoke about his meeting with the MCESD and said that he has a plan in mind as to how to exit this crisis. He said that he will send them a document that the PN is drafting.

Asked about the resignation of Konrad Mizzi, Delia highlighted that this had happened in the past, but was then given a lot of power again.

He said that Mizzi is supporting Chris Fearne for PL Leader, and asked if Fearne will remove Mizzi and have him investigated. "Or will he need his backing and leave him there?"

He spoke of the photo Muscat posed for with the two PL Leadership contenders, three hands as one. He said Muscat didn't leave because the PL MPs made him. "But he had to leave as he had no other choice, as all that was revealed but journalists and said by civil society and the opposition, made him leave. Those who are to come are already making it seem as though they are one of the same as Muscat."

He said that he cannot really trust the PL to bring the country back on the course to normality.

Delia turned to certain proposals the PN has, and spoke of the importance of the autonomy and independence of public broadcasting, having the Chief Justice appointed through a 2/3rds Parliamentary majority, and ensuring that the AG truly serves as the advocate of the common good of the people. 

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