The Malta Independent 25 February 2020, Tuesday

‘No heroes or villains in events of last few days; only innocent victims’, Mario de Marco says

Albert Galea Tuesday, 11 February 2020, 18:10 Last update: about 14 days ago

PN MP Mario de Marco said that "there are no heroes or villains in the events of the last few days", noting that there were only innocent victims of the current situation within the PN.

The PN has faced days of turmoil after a survey saw the party's leader Adrian Delia register his lowest trust rating yet.

Delia has, however, continued to hang on in spite of the fact that 17 of his MPs had made it clear that he should depart.  Jason Azzopardi had uploaded an image which featured 15 PN MPs and the Party's two MEPs - labelling them as '17 Blue Heroes'.  This came as a result of another post doing the rounds on social media which saw 10 of the party's MPs be labelled as "The 10 Judas Priests".

Mario De Marco, one of the veterans of the party, was one of those whose face appeared on the post made by Azzopardi, although he did not appear on the post which attacked Delia's MP critics.

Asked by this newsroom whether he felt comfortable at being included in this image, de Marco replied that "there are no heroes or villains in the events of the last few days."

"Only innocent victims: party loyalists who have selflessly given their all to a Party they still want to believe in; civil society activists that demand a strong opposition to stand up to institutionalised corruption and lack of good governance that has become the hallmark of a sick government; honest citizens that deserve the vision of an alternative government", he said.

"If we truly have the best interests of this country at heart, we need to each realise that this is not a moment for threats, drawing lines, divisions or pigeon holing of people but one for honest internal dialogue, reflection and serious consideration towards a lasting collective solution", De Marco told The Malta Independent.


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