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Good governance will remain one of our priorities, PM Abela says

Shona Berger Sunday, 16 February 2020, 14:33 Last update: about 5 years ago

Prime Minister Robert Abela strongly stated on Sunday that good governance will always be this government’s priority in order to ensura that what occurred in the past will never happen again.

He added that during these crucial times, good governance is what is needed in order to return to normality, stability and tranquillity. This will ultimately lead to economic growth as well.


Abela delivered a two-hour speech during the closing session of the Labour Party’s extraordinary general conference, which is celebrating 100 years of the PL.

He also spoke on the need for the country to have a strong Opposition. “We do not enjoy seeing the PN in crisis. We want to have an Opposition with which to debate.”

Abela showed his gratitude to all those who show constant loyalty to the party, both in bad and good times. He said that, “while we are celebrating a 100 years of hard work and strength of the Labour party, we will surely not stop there.”

He added that the Labour Party will further be strengthened by helping the public, especially those who are most in need.

As a party in government it will continue to deliver positive news to the public, as a PL government is the only one that can offer stability to the country, Abela said.

Throughout these 100 years, the Labour Party carried out a number of reforms because it wanted the country to grow successfully. Abela said, however, that there is still much to do because, although the country has moved forward, there are still a number of pockets within society that do not feel that they have benefited.

“We are eager to do it for the sake and love of our country,” Abela said, adding that the government aims to eliminate all forms of discrimination in all sectors within society because it believes in balance, justice and equality.

The Labour Party is built on integrity, discipline and loyalty, he said, values that help better the country future generations, helping them to grow, be successful and feel proud that they form part of this nation. This political force never looked back and is remains determined to implement change for the good of the country, he said.

Abela said the PL has faced very difficult times and it has also made mistakes, however it is a party which has and is still learning from its mistakes. He added that the PL has one factor which clearly distinguishes it from other parties, which is the love for the country and for its people.

Abela said that the party is open to everyone, and is pulling in people more than ever before. He is proud of the fact that the PL accepts a diversity of people, regardless of who they are. Ultimately, “the labour party worked and will keep on working,” in order to improve our country, he said.

This will also be done by exploring other sectors and developing them. Abela said that the government is focusing on new sectors, which will undoubtedly come with its challenges. However it is aware of them and is determined to look at them with an open vision.

People know that the PL in government only can offer them stability.

Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne also said that the PL in government is able to govern successfully and as “the results speak for themselves.”

He discussed three particular challenges that the PL aims to overcome. As a party in government it aims to seize the opportunity and learn from past mistakes and do its utmost to correct wrongdoings.

Projects that are doing well should continue, but projects that are inadequate should be stopped, he said. “We need to grab the bulls by its horns and recognize what is bad and what is good, not only as a government but also as a political party,” he added.

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