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Animals deserve real animal rights - new activist group

Giulia Magri Saturday, 22 February 2020, 08:56 Last update: about 4 months ago

Over the past few years, many animal rights activists have been vocal about the treatment of both domestic and wild animals in Malta.

One such activist is Romina Frendo, who felt compelled to take in heavily pregnant stray cats about four years ago, at the most critical time during the write up of a PhD thesis in order to ensure their safety.

“I have spoken to numerous politicians, yet very little was forthcoming from these meetings, and there were no tangible improvements to the state of animal welfare and animal rights in Malta.”


Frendo continued to receive calls by individuals who needed help in terms of the protection of animals, which prompted Frendo to reach out to Moira Delia and Alison Bezzina, to join forces and unite animal activists’ voices as one, a cry for real action to improve the state of general animal welfare and animal rights in Malta.

“Instead of us individually speaking to ministers, all with our own proposals, we put our heads together to find a tangible way to help those who find themselves in difficult situations whilst trying to care for animals that are abandoned, neglected and injured, as well as those who struggle to find help and the necessary support.”

That is how the Real Animal Rights (RAR) NGO came to be. They have drafted seven proposals that are backed by seven women who have now had enough and want “proper, real animal rights and change.”

“We speak up on behalf of those who have suffered and who are suffering at the hands of ignorance or indifference. We are pushing for change.” The RAR NGO is pushing the proposals to be implemented as soon as possible. The NGO will officially be launched in the coming days.

The new Minister of Animal Rights, Anton Refalo has already contacted the NGO and is eager and willing to listen and act on such proposals.

Want to read more? The full list of the RAR NGO proposals will be published in tomorrow’s “Animal Supplement” in The Malta Independent on Sunday.

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