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8.2% of government’s total revenue from taxes, social contributions comes from environment

Monday, 24 February 2020, 10:23 Last update: about 4 months ago

Environmental taxes in Malta in 2018 accounted for 8.2% of the government’s total revenue from taxes and social contributions, Eurostat figures show. In terms of amounts this equals nearly €322 million.

European statistics distinguish four different categories of environmental taxes relating to energy, transport, pollution and resources.

Back in 2009, Environmental taxes in Malta amounted to 9.74% of the government’s total revenue from taxes and social contributions – which is higher than in 2018 -  however the actual amount was far lower back then when compared, standing at around €194 million. This means that environmental tax played a larger percentage in terms of government revenue back then. At the same time, the lower amount is undoubtedly at least partly due to the smaller population in 2009, among other things.


In terms of energy tax in Malta, in 2018 it amounted to close to €162 million. In terms of transport taxes, it stood close to €131 million and for resources and pollution stood at around €29 million.

In 2018, environmental tax revenue in the European Union (EU) totalled €324.6 billion, a 3% increase in nominal terms from the previous year and 49% higher than in 2002.

Energy taxes accounted for the largest share (77.7%) of the EU’s 2018 environmental tax revenue, followed by transport taxes (19.1%), and pollution and resource taxes (3.3%).

The contribution from environmental taxes to total government revenue from taxes and social contributions varied significantly across EU Member States in 2018, with the highest shares recorded in Latvia (10.9%), Bulgaria (9.8%), Greece (9.5%), Slovenia (9.4%) and Croatia (9.3%).

At the other end of the scale, the smallest shares were observed in Luxembourg, (4.4%), Germany (4.5%) and Sweden (4.8%).

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