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62 migrants stranded in Maltese search and rescue area, need ‘immediate rescue'- Alarm Phone

Rebekah Cilia Wednesday, 29 April 2020, 11:28 Last update: about 3 years ago

A group of 62 migrants are stranded and in danger, needing immediate rescuing, in the Maltese search and rescue area, Alarm Phone said. It said that last night they were called by a boat in distress that escaped Libya. According to the call, they were told that there are 13 women and six children are on board.

"Authorities are informed. Do not let them drown and starve to death as you did with another migrant group two weeks ago!" Alarm Phone tweeted.


It said that these migrants were last spoken to at 9.20 am and they had survived the night.

In a separate tweet, Alarm Phone asked Malta to conform with UNHCR's advice that "There should be no delay or hesitation in our actions when it comes to saving lives," and to conform with the Hamburg Convention of 1979 - "do not violate the non-refoulment principle yet again!"

Alarm Phone also said that the private owned fishing boat Dar Al Salam 1 (Mae Yemanja), which returned migrants back to Libya earlier this month, is now heading towards the boat in danger. It was reported that the boat left Malta on Tuesday night.

Times of Malta and blogger Manuel Delia had reported that the Mae Yemenja, owned by sea captain Carmelo Grech, was sent to give food and supplies to the migrants on the dinghy, during Easter weekend.

It was reported that the boat proceeded to pick the migrants up and then disembarked them in Libya. Of this group of migrants, five people were already reported as having died and a further seven missing. 

It is not clear who commissioned this private fishing boat.

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