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How can Muscat be asked to help solve problems when he was the problem? – Delia

Neil Camilleri Sunday, 24 May 2020, 12:01 Last update: about 3 months ago

PN Leader Adrian Delia asked on Sunday how Prime Minister Robert Abela can engage Joseph Muscat to help solve the country's problems when the former PM was the country's biggest problem.

Speaking on Net TV, Delia said Abela had asked "the world's most corrupt politician" back into the Auberge de Castille.

"Power comes before anything else for this government, and they will do everything they can to retain power. This is something we have seen happening before in Russia," he said, when asked about how Abela and Muscat had switched PM and advisor roles.


"Muscat was the problem. He destroyed our reputation. Is this the way in which we want to rebuild our reputation?"

Turning to the rule of law proposals put forward by government, as requested by the Venice Commission, Delia said the PN has always believed in giving more power to the people, but Labour has always done the exact opposite. "The PL uses the institutions to exercise power over citizens."

Old mistakes are being repeated he said, pointing out that, after what happened with the last six police commissioners, the government would not be placing the new one on probation, effectively keeping that person on a tight leash.

"Malta deserves a police commissioner who does not distinguish between people, who works without fear or favour. Someone who takes action against anyone, no matter how powerful they might be."

Delia said the police rightly prosecute people who commit crimes, but they failed to act against those who stole millions from us. "Is Konrad Mizzi in jail? Is he being investigated? No, he is still abroad."

He also referred to the recent license renewal for Nexia BT, the company linked to the Panama Papers scandal and which was also involved in the Vitals and Electrogas contracts.

The company has now been licensed for crypto currency exchange, Delia noted. "What will Zammit Lewis say to the Venice Commission about this?"

The PN Leader said the Opposition is being proactive and is coming up with proposals for a post-Covid-19 era, rather than try to take political advantage of the situation.

But the people leading the country, he said, such as the Economy and the Finance ministers, are not giving out a message of courage to businesses. The government needs to identify the sectors that will collapse first and act there first, he said.  

"You cannot pit the economy against health. You cannot have a healthy economy if you do not have healthy workers. The money that was given to Vitals and Steward should be taken back an invested in the health sector. Private operators should not compete against the government. They should work with it."

Referring to the news that thousands of foreign workers have left the country or have asked to leave, Delia said this is what happens "when the going gets tough."

"This is a clear signal that our economic model was not working. We were living an illusion. Will we try to go back to that illusion once this situation is over, or will we look towards a better model?"





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