The Malta Independent 14 July 2020, Tuesday

‘If Konrad Mizzi is involved, he either decides for himself or I’ll take a decision’ – Abela

Albert Galea Friday, 19 June 2020, 18:58 Last update: about 24 days ago

"If Konrad Mizzi has any involvement in this case, he either has to decide for himself, or else I will be the one to take the decision", Prime Minister Robert Abela said, when asked about the Enemalta-Montenegro scandal which erupted on Friday.

It comes after Times of Malta and Reuters reported that 17 Black, the Dubai company owned by Yorgen Fenech, made a profit of €4.6 million from Enemalta's purchase of a windfarm in Montenegro.


Fenech stands charged with being a mastermind in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, who had written extensively about the controversial Montenegro deal that involved former energy minister Konrad Mizzi.

17 Black made the profit in December 2015. "In that same month, accountants for Mizzi and the prime minister's then chief of staff, Keith Schembri, wrote in an email that Schembri and Mizzi stood to receive payments from 17 Black for services that weren't specified, the report says.

"The reforms we are embarking on through the Venice Commission's recommendations would be just a reform on paper... law enforcement must ensure full justice on this case, by investigating anyone connected to this case, whoever they are. The truth must prevail," Abela said at Castille during a press conference on the Venice Commission reforms.

"If the investigation leads to criminal responsibility, prosecution should start in our courts immediately," Abela declared.

"If what is reported is true, I am disgusted... Malta's law enforcement officers must investigate. They must investigate anyone connected to this event. Certainly enough, full justice deserves they investigate anyone, whoever it is. I will not protect anyone. If a politician or anyone is involved... they had better take their first steps before I take them," he later said when asked directly about the scandal.

"Konrad Mizzi is still part of the parliamentary group, if it results that he is somehow involved in this case then he must either take the decision or I will take it myself as I did in another case in recent days [a reference to the resignation of Chris Cardona from the Labour Party]", he said.

"I appeal again that whoever militates in a political party should always put the interest of the country, and the party first", he added.

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