The Malta Independent 4 August 2020, Tuesday

Updated (2): Delia in meeting with Lawrence Gonzi

Neil Camilleri Tuesday, 7 July 2020, 09:15 Last update: about 27 days ago

PN Leader Adrian Delia held a meeting with Lawrence Gonzi on Tuesday afternoon and there was talk that he had been asked to act as a mediator in the evening's parliamentary group meeting, but the former PM could not attend. 

It is understood, however, that a number of phone calls and meetings with MPs took place during the day. 

It is understood that the move is aimed at persuading dissenting MPs not to move a vote of no confidence against the PN Leader. 


Sources said, in fact, that a vote of no confidence is more unlikely to happen after the publication of a National Audit Office report that found that there was collusion in the VGH deal. 

It is understood that several MPs are now saying that the party should unite in the fight against the hospitals privatisation deal, which is being spearheaded in court by Delia. 

A number of meetings between PN MPs have already taken place in Parliament and the issue is set to be discussed further in this evening's meeting. 

Delia had called for a meeting of the PN's parliamentary group after Times of Malta reported on Sunday that the PN Leader had had communication with Yorgen Fenech even after the 17 Black revelations. 

The PN Leader has denied the claims and hinted that Whatsapp messages published in the media were fabricated. 

An unofficial meeting of PN MPs was held on Sunday, with sources saying that those present did not only discuss the alleged conversations between Fenech and Delia but also the recent dismal poll results. 

This is not the first time that Delia is facing internal pressure to resign. 

So far, MPs have stopped short of asking for a vote of confidence within the group, but this is not being excluded.

Sources have now said that the prospect of MPs holding a vote has become more unlikely. 

A group of MPs have expressed concern about ousting Delia as Opposition Leader, as this could lead to an unprecedented situation where the party has two leaders. 

In fact, MPs who spoke to this newsroom earlier were unable to say what the plan is should Delia stay on, or even in a scenario where he would be removed as Opposition Leader. 

The meeting is set to start at 7pm.

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